Recovery For Everyone

When: To be announced
Where: To be announced

Group Synopsis

This is an ongoing group, open to the general public. Recovery for everyone expands the notion of recovery to be all-inclusive. We are all addicted to something: alcohol, drugs, smoking, food, gambling, sex, anger, work, toxic relationships… This group brings together the best of the12 steps with mindfulness and meditation to support and aid the change process. Meetings center around recovery topics that broaden members’ knowledge, helping them practically with the universal challenges implicit in the recovery process. Meditation and focusing offer an experiential component, helping members open into change in the here and now. Sharing among members facilitates fellowship and the reduction of shame and stigma; thus promoting a supportive environment in this courageous process.

Examples of topics: Knowing Your Triggers; Forgiveness; Shame and Recovery; Gratitude…


Introduction: review guidelines such as confidentiality/anonymity

20-minute meditation

Introduce topic

Group sharing facilitated by leaders

Ending: short focused meditation; consolidation of what was learned

Goal and Details of the Group

Our central goal is to reach as many people with as many resources as possible. We are broadening the idea of recovery to include everybody, and deepening the idea of recovery to include every resource available to us. We draw from the 12 steps, mindfulness, as well as the wisdom traditions and interpersonal neurobiology. We also utilize contemporary psychology and bring in themes on attachment, relationships, and trauma, with insight and interventions based on cutting-edge research as well as our respective backgrounds. It is our belief that recovery is not a “one-size-fits-all” affair. Each person will have their own individual approach towards finding a way back to health and well-being. Our aim, as group leaders, is to support each person in finding their own unique and personalized way to a healthier life, free from addiction.

Group Leaders

Dr. Bob Weathers holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Religious Studies. Over his professional career, Dr. Weathers has provided tens of thousands of hours of therapeutic counseling and recovery coaching to clients. Known to his clients and students as simply “Dr. Bob,” he has also committed the past 35 years of his professional life to teaching and training graduate-level mental health providers at several southern California universities. He is currently curriculum developer at California Southern University (Irvine), including his developing their brand-new, CAADAC-approved Addiction Studies Certificate and mindfulness-based clinical training coursework.

Colleen Kelly is a licensed marriage and family therapist with private practices in Encino and Irvine, California. She specializes in working therapeutically with couples and families utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy. Colleen also works in the field of addiction and recovery: assisting individuals, couples, and families to heal and find a way back to themselves and a loving connection with each other. She is certified in focusing-oriented psychotherapy; provides clinical services at Healing Path Recovery, an intensive outpatient treatment center in Newport Beach; and teaches as adjunct faculty at California Southern University in the Addiction Studies Program.