Emotionally Focused Therapy

All of us struggle at times with overwhelming events: loss, personal tragedies, life transitions, forms of emotional or physical pain, and relationship difficulties.  Given the many stressors we face, we can easily become overwhelmed, stressed out or afflicted by psychological symptoms.   Most of the clients I see have already exhausted typical, “common sense” solutions and need to address their difficulties at a deeper, more foundational level, getting to the roots of their problems.  I help a person to sort out life’s issues and cope with, manage, and/or resolve difficult psychological issues and symptoms.  Through this process a person comes into a different, inner relationship to the challenges they are facing. The therapy process helps a person to find new vantage points as well as resources from within, which are then mobilized to bring about change.  This in turn frees one up to lead a more productive, creative, and fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, many people suffer needlessly, when there is help.  One of the reasons for this is that it can be difficult to talk about certain issues because they may be highly sensitive in nature, or perhaps there is some shame involved.  It can take a lot of courage to decide to see a psychotherapist.  The idea of talking about personal difficulties with someone can be daunting or intimidating.  In therapy, I intentionally create a safe space, where a person can feel comfortable enough to explore aspects of themselves and their experience that might not otherwise be easy to discuss.  To decide to work on oneself is a truly commendable endeavor.  When I first see a person walk through my door, I already have respect and appreciation for this step they are taking.