Colleen has presented at universities, mental health agencies, health clinics and to the general public on topics including the following:

The Power of Relationships – 1 & ½ hour workshop to women with adult children with serious mental health challenges.  At a “Breathe Retreat” presented by Saddleback Church.  San Juan Capistrano, CA  11/2/19

Wednesday Night with a Master Therapist – 1 & ½ hour interview by Richard Gilbert, PhD professor at Loyola Marymount college on family therapy.  Los Angeles, CA  3/20/29

Couple & Family Treatment in an addiction treatment facility – 1 & ½ hour presentation to staff at Beginnings Addiction Treatment Center.  Costa Mesa, CA  7/24/18

Involving the Family in Treatment – 1 & ½ hour presentation to the Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment on how to effectively involve the family in addiction treatment.  Costa Mesa, CA  6/5/18

Integral Recovery: In the “We” Space – Integral Recovery Podcast.  4/29/17

Shame & Stigma and the Neurobiology of Addiction in Couples Work – Co-presentation with Dr. Bob Weathers for graduate students at AAMFT sponsored event about Working with couples in the context of addiction/recovery from an emotionally focused perspective with an understanding of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Fullerton, CA  9/9/16

Integrating Couples Therapy and Recovery from Addiction  – We Play Radio Broadcast.  Colleen Kelly & Robert Weathers.  2/8/2016

Plural Recovery – Presentation at Elite Care Treatment Center on – Involved clients in exploration of how to navigate the early stages of recovery in the context of a relationship drawing from adult attachment theory and recent findings in the neurobiology of addiction.  Santa Ana, CA  1/22/16

Involving the Family in Experiential Treatment – 2-hour presentation at The Discovery House. Invited the audience to explore experiential ways of working with couples and families in recovery.  Northridge, CA  9/10/15

Mindfulness Event. Speaker at one-hour event hosted by Fusion Academy for teachers, administrators and families. Experiential exploration of mindfulness in relationships, creativity and learning.  Huntington Beach, CA  3/31/15

Plural Recovery: Addiction and Recovery in the context of adult love relationships – Presented at Sovereign Health for mental health professionals and the lay public. A 2-hour co-presentation with Dr. Bob Weathers.  San Clemente, CA  2/11/15

Plural Recovery: Evidence-based Relapse Prevention for Couples – Co-presented at The Evolution of Addiction Conference with Dr. Bob Weathers.  Drawing from recent advances in the neurobiology of addiction and the field of adult attachment theory we explored relational healing in light of post acute withdrawal syndrome and attachment injuries. Utilized live role-play and audience participation.  Los Angeles, CA  2/7/15

Relationships & Addiction/Recovery – Presentation in on-line format to Integral Recovery Institute participants.  Talked about working with couples in the context of recovery. On-line  1/27/15

Forgiveness in The Therapy Hour–  3-hour co-presentation with Dr. Bob Weathers on the vicissitudes of forgiveness in a clinical setting. Drew from research and personal experience; utilized role-play, enabling participants to develop their own understanding of forgiveness and how it affects their work as therapists. Corona, CA. 1/19/15

Family Dynamics in Addiction and Recovery: Integrating Neuroscience, Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy – 3-hour co-presentation with Dr. Bob Weathers.  Didactic information and clinical demonstration to HIS University graduate students. Corona, CA.  8/8/2014

Hold Me Tight 2-Day Couples Workshop – Co-presented with Joe Cantu, LMFT.  2-day intensive based on Dr. Sue Johnson’s Couples’ Curriculum for the lay public.  Los Angeles, CA.  9/6-7/2014

Healing Relationships and Helping Love to Flourish – A California Southern University Master Lecture Series presentation to a live and streaming on-line audience. Irvine, CA.  3/14/14

Attachment Theory and Couples Therapy – Hour and a half interactive presentation and clinical demonstration to graduate students at Cal State Northridge.  Northridge, CA  2014

The Implications of Substance Abuse when Working with Couples Utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy In class demonstration and exercises with graduate students at Argosy University.  2014

Working with Couples – 2 & 1/2 hour presentation including role-play to interns at BBK clinic in about working with couples utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Santa Ana  2014

Adult Attachment Theory and Couples Therapy – Presentation at Valley Community Clinic to doctorate and masters level interns on how to work with couples utilizing adult attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy to overcome impasses within the therapeutic frame.  North Hollywood, CA  2013

Making Time Count with your family – Presentation to parents at Colefax Elementary School.  An evening of interactive learning for parents that brought together neurobiology, mindful awareness, parenting techniques, and heartfelt presence.  North Hollywood, CA  2012

Transforming ShameA four-hour workshop on for Cal State Northridge’s continuing education workshop series. Participants learned how to identify, work with and transform shame.  Northridge, CA  October 2012

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Therapist – A presentation to graduate students drawing from Daniel Goleman’s and Daniel Siegel’s work to outline the ways in which a therapist’s development-of-self enhances the therapeutic process. Used a mindfulness meditation exercise as a practical, hands-on example of how a therapist can cultivate open, fluid non-judgmental awareness.  Northridge, CA  2012

Transforming Shame – Series of two seminars to graduate students on working with shame in the clinical setting.  Northridge, CA  21012.

Working with Shame in the Context of Couples Therapy – A presentation to graduate level practicum students.  Identifying how working with shame in a couples context can differ from working with shame in individuals.  Northridge, CA  2012

Interpersonal Neurobiology and Couples Therapy – A seminar to graduate-level students providing an introduction to the various ways our biology affects our interpersonal relationships.  Northridge, CA  2011

Focusing and Psychotherapy – Two-hour presentation to graduate level practicum students on ways to incorporate the body’s felt experience into the psychotherapeutic process.  Northridge, CA  2009

Focusing: Clearing a Space and Finding the Felt Sense – Presented to a group of cancer patients on various ways to deal with pain using Focusing.  Wellness Community, Westlake, CA  2009

Focusing & Spirituality – Guest presenter at Dr. Lionel Corbett’s workshop series, Psyche and the Sacred, at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Explored how the body is often a neglected source of spiritual wisdom. Helped participants to experience how the process of focusing with the body can help us to live closer to our natural gift of inner knowing.  Santa Barbara, CA  2008

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), finding your true type – Presented at Dr. Lionel Corbet’s Psyche & the Sacred.  Utilized power point presentation and didactic instruction on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Worked with participants as a group and individually. Administered the MBTI and provided counseling and assistance in assessing members’ true type.  Santa Barbara, CA  2007

MBTI – Finding Your True Type – 3-hour presentation to the lay public.  Scottsdale, AZ  2006

Process Skipping – Guest presenter at Dr. Lionel Corbett’s workshop series, Spirituality & Psychotherapy, at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Provided practical examples and spoke about the risks of misusing, otherwise, valid spiritual principles to avoid painful feelings.  Santa Barbara, CA  2006

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